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Upcoming Events:


January 3 - Winter term begins at Thurgood Marshall Elementary


January 8 - Winter term begins at Fairmount Park Elementary


January 9 - Winter term begins at Cascadia Elementary


January 20 - 14th Annual Kick-A-Thon


February 23-25 - AWMAI Conference, San Diego CA


April 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


April 22: 47th Annual Spring Demo at Miller Community Center


July 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


July 19-22 - NWMAF Special Training, Naperville IL


August 17-20 - PAWMA Camp, Camp Loma Mar, CA


Sept 20: Karate 101 for Women begins



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About Karate


There are many sources for karate history and philosophy. These pages were written by our students. Some were essays required for black belt promotion, others just for their own sake.


Why karate?  Because one time, I quit.  Maybe it’s true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  About eight years ago, I got busy with other priorities, became frustrated, and quit karate.  I was a blue belt at the time.  I had just started learning pinan ni-dan.  For the next two years, any time someone would mention martial arts, I told them excitedly about my wonderful karate school.  My face would light up, my arms begin to move wildly, and after a while I would sheepishly realize I had probably been talking far too much.  I would remember the cheerful pale green walls, the hard-working, friendly women, and the tired contentment I felt at the end of every work-out.  As soon my life settled down . . . Read More>



Historically, karate had been passed from one generation to the next as a well guarded secret. Mabuni broke with this tradition, believing karate should be available to all honorable students. He moved to Osaka in the 1927 to spread karate on the mainland. Popularizing karate in Japan was a long and arduous task, but . . . Read More>



There is philosophy behind the art, which every student must understand before becoming a true adept. It is vital for karate students to learn to discipline their minds as well as their bodies, to respect their teachers, fellow students and the art, to strengthen their spirit, and to develop the correct attitude. Included in these teachings are the seven principles of IKF: . . . Read More>