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Discover Your Strongest Self

Upcoming Events:


January 3 - Winter term begins at Thurgood Marshall Elementary


January 8 - Winter term begins at Fairmount Park Elementary


January 9 - Winter term begins at Cascadia Elementary


January 20 - 14th Annual Kick-A-Thon


February 23-25 - AWMAI Conference, San Diego CA


April 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


April 22: 47th Annual Spring Demo at Miller Community Center


July 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


July 19-22 - NWMAF Special Training, Naperville IL


August 17-20 - PAWMA Camp, Camp Loma Mar, CA


Sept 20: Karate 101 for Women begins



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Karate for Women

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Are you looking to get in shape, increase your balance and coordination, or learn some self-defense?


Karate will get you on track. Karate engages your mind as well as body. Karate will develop your mind-body connection. And you'll have fun, in a safe, supportive, and sweat-inducing environment.


Karate is an excellent lifetime activity that can be adapted to your changing needs and abilities.  Women of all ages and aptitudes are learning and enjoying karate.  We can individualize your training to adapt for many types of physical challenges.


Don't just take our word for it. Sign up for Karate 101, an 8 week program that will give you more than a taste of what karate can do for you. And discover your strongest self.


What our students say:

"It's mentally challenging and physically challenging, but I get the support I need when it gets frustrating" - Kiera


"Even after 14 years, there's always something new to work on and always little "mini-victories' along the way." - Jennifer


"This environment is so different from my day job, where I work with 99% men. Here I find strength, inner strength, and have good strong women role models." - Adelakarate kic

Karate for Children


Give your child the gift of confidence! Karate training increases the growing child's strength, coordination, and mind-body connection.


More than ever, children need to learn self-discipline, self-respect, and self-defense; karate is a popular, fun activity that teaches all three simultaneously.  We offer a non-competitive, friendly, fun experience where children gain discipline, coordination and confidence.  Our teaching is geared to the age and ability of your child.  We also provide guidance in restraint and control to deter students from becoming bullies or show-offs. Girls and boys aged 6-12 are eligible to begin.  Mothers are welcome to train with their children.


In practicing karate your child will develop basic and fne motor skills, focus and self-discipline, coordination, balance and strength -- and have FUN. Students learn fundamental techniques in an encouraging environment. Everyone works at their own pace and takes on challenges appropriate to their abilities.


Free trial classes are offered the first Wednesday and Saturday of the month only. Please register your child for their trial karate class here.


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Karate for Children at Seattle Elementary Schools


We offer karate as an after-school program at Cascadia Elementary School two afternoons a week, at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School two mornings a week, and Fairmount Park two afternoons a week. Classes are open to children attending these schools, grades 1 - 5.


Tuition for this program is paid three times during the school year, rather than monthly. For more information on these programs, visit this page.



Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 - 8:00 Tournament Prep class (for current students -- women all levels, kids age 10+ and ranked blue belt or higher)

5:30-7:00 PM Kids' Class - intermediate/ advanced

7:00-9:00 PM Adult Women - all levels

6:00-7:00 PM Kids' Class - beginners

7:00-9:00 PM Adult Women - advanced and kobudo

7:00-8:30 PM Adult Women - beginners  

9:00-10:30 AM Kids' Class - all levels

10:30-12:00 PM Adult Women - all levels


12:00 - 12:30 PM Kobudo

















Special sessions: Deb and Jutta from Central Physical Therapy and Fitness have created a circuit training program specifically for karate. It is held at the dojo on most Monday and Wednesday mornings. Ask Deb for details.


Tuition and Fees


Our intro Karate 101 program is $99, which covers tuition. After that, tuition is $85 per month . Beginners can attend classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (see above schedule), as many times per month as you wish. After Karate 101 ends, you can join the school and pay tuition monthly or quarterly (at a 10% discount). Membership dues are $24/year, and a beginner's karate uniform costs between $25 and $40.


Kids' introductory package for $200 covers the first 3 months tuition, annual fees, and a karate uniform. After that, monthly tuition is $70 for beginner and novice students (through orange belt, attending class Wednesday and Saturday), and $85 for intermediate and advanced students (attending class Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).


Our annual fees total $24.

We also offer a 10% discount on tuition for immediate family members.


Continuing students wishing to pay online or create automatic payments can visit our Tuition Payment page.


We are located at 1426 S Jackson Street, convenient to downtown Seattle, I-5 and I-90. For more information, please contact us.