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Upcoming Events:


January 3 - Winter term begins at Thurgood Marshall Elementary


January 8 - Winter term begins at Fairmount Park Elementary


January 9 - Winter term begins at Cascadia Elementary


January 20 - 14th Annual Kick-A-Thon


February 23-25 - AWMAI Conference, San Diego CA


April 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


April 22: 47th Annual Spring Demo at Miller Community Center


July 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


July 19-22 - NWMAF Special Training, Naperville IL


August 17-20 - PAWMA Camp, Camp Loma Mar, CA


Sept 20: Karate 101 for Women begins



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Karate at Cascadia, Thurgood Marshall, and Fairmount Park Elementary Schools


The Feminist Karate Union has been offering karate at Lowell/Lincoln/Cascadia since July 2000, at Thurgood Marshall since September 2009, and at Fairmount Park since September 2014. The Cascadia class is held on Tuesday and Thursday after school, at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School on Monday and Wednesday mornings before classes begin, and at Fairmount Park on Monday and Wednesday afternoons..


For new students at Thurgood Marshall and Fairmount Park: Please pre-register, and we will then email you the Registration Packet. Please return those forms, along with payment, directly to the karate teachers the first day of class. Please do not bring to the school office, or to your child's teacher.


For new students at Cascadia: Please contact KidsCo to register. All payments at Cascadia are to KidsCo.


Tuition is $260 per term (there are 3 terms each school year) (note: there are now administration fees added for Cascadia and Fairmount Park). Also payable first term are annual fees of $24. New karate gis (uniforms) are available for $25. All checks should be payable to FKU (except at Cascadia where payment is to KidsCo). Financial assistance is available, please speak with the instuctor, PTA, or Family Support Worker.


Families wishing to pay online via PayPay can visit our Tuition Payment page.



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