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Upcoming Events:


January 3 - Winter term begins at Thurgood Marshall Elementary


January 8 - Winter term begins at Fairmount Park Elementary


January 9 - Winter term begins at Cascadia Elementary


January 20 - 14th Annual Kick-A-Thon


February 23-25 - AWMAI Conference, San Diego CA


April 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


April 22: 47th Annual Spring Demo at Miller Community Center


July 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


July 19-22 - NWMAF Special Training, Naperville IL


August 17-20 - PAWMA Camp, Camp Loma Mar, CA


Sept 20: Karate 101 for Women begins



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We are proud to be the Seattle Branch of the International Karate Federation based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Other IKF branches are located in Sacramento CA and Bremerton WA.



Many of our students are members of the Amateur Athletic Union and compete in AAU-sanctioned tournaments.


Cool FKU T shirts, sweatshirts and other accessories can be ordered from our online store. Past issues of our newsletter, Punchline, can be downloaded and read as PDF files.


Article from Seattle Woman Magazine (March 2007) on Exploring Martial Arts.


Donations to FKU are tax deductable in accordance with IRS 501(c)3 guidelines.

Other schools in the Seattle area where our friends train are:

Aikido of West Seattle

Chinese Healing and Movement Arts (Olympia)

Embrace the Moon Tai Chi

Emerald City Aikido

Martal Arts in the Public Interest

Northwest School of Karate

Seattle Kajukenbo/Kung Fu Kids

Seattle Martial Arts

Seven Star Women's Kung Fu

Sherry McGregor

USA Karate

Excellent organizations supporting women in the martial arts are:

Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists

National Women's Martial Arts Federation

Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors

Great places to train in other corners of the world:

Feminist Eclectic Martial Arts in Minneapolis MN

Hand to Hand Kajukenbo in Oakland CA

Modern Arnis - Gabriele Roloff in Hamburg, Germany

Sun Dragon Martial Arts in Austin TX

Thousand Waves in Chicago IL

Valley Women's Martial Arts in Northampton MA

Self-Defense in Seattle and surrounding area:

Strategic Living

Debbie Leung (Olympia WA)

International Karate Federation black belts, Hawaii
March 2008: Seattle's black belt applicants, their teams, and the testers in Hawaii. Sensei Chuzo Kotaka, head of the International Karate Federation, is on the far right.