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Upcoming Events:


January 3 - Winter term begins at Thurgood Marshall Elementary


January 8 - Winter term begins at Fairmount Park Elementary


January 9 - Winter term begins at Cascadia Elementary


January 20 - 14th Annual Kick-A-Thon


February 23-25 - AWMAI Conference, San Diego CA


April 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


April 22: 47th Annual Spring Demo at Miller Community Center


July 19 - Karate 101 for Women begins


July 19-22 - NWMAF Special Training, Naperville IL


August 17-20 - PAWMA Camp, Camp Loma Mar, CA


Sept 20: Karate 101 for Women begins



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FKU's 16th Annual Kids' Karate Summer Camp

July 10 - 14, 2017

FKU dojo - 1426 S. Jackson
9am to 3pm
$225 for current students, $277 for others
(plus applicable PayPal fees, if any)

It's time to get ready for summer!


Karate Kids Camp


Each day a different guest instructor will introduce students to a new art. Past classes included arnis, aikido, ninjitsu, fan, nunchuks, tai chi, poekoelan, agility games, and kumite.


Past years classes included:

  • Modern Arnis (a form of Philipino Stick Fighting) taught by Sifu Michelle McVadon
  • Tonfa (a traditional Okinawan and Chinese weapon) taught by Sensei Mike O'Donnell
  • Nunchaku taught by Sifu Michelle McVadon
  • Capoiera (a Brazilian martial art) taught by Jen Hobbs
  • Aikido taught by Sensei Pam Cooper
  • Speed games taught by Sensi Restita de Jesus
  • Japanese calligraphy taught by Sensei Hiroe Nishikawa
  • Go (the board game), teacher TBD from the Seattle Go Center


Sensei Joanne will teach karate, conditioning, and self defense. Other activities will emphasize the arts and crafts of Japan, such as origami, calligraphy, and the board game Go.

Karate Camp

This is one week your child will treasure for a long time.

To enroll your child, first fill out this online form and click the Submit button. Then bring in a check for the appropriate amount OR click the Buy Now button. This will take you to PayPal. Forms without payment and payment without forms will NOT give your child a place at camp.


Please note that $100 of camp fee is non-refundable.


Students who are not current FKU members need permission to register -- contact Sensei Joanne at 206-325-3878.



Karate Camp 3

go at karate camp


For current students:

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For non-FKU members:

Sempai helping in karate camp