Practice the art of Karate in a community founded to support women and those who are victimized disproportionally.
Build strength, confidence and discipline.

Karate 101 For Adults

Discover Karate. Learn the basics, how our classes work and have fun!

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The next level of training will build strength in your body and mind.

Kid's Karate

Kids of all levels take classes to build strength, confidence and discipline.

Practice in a Community

FKU was founded 50 years ago as a women-only organization, and it remains the case that all senseis are women. Our community is a safe, supportive place to develop mind/body balance and learn self-defense. Our focus is on those who are victimized disproportionately, including women and those discriminated against for reasons of gender identity, including non-binary and transgender.

Gain Strength, Confidence and Discipline

Together, we practice the art of Shito-Ryu, a traditional form of Japanese karate. Our class sizes are small allowing instructors to give individual attention to all students in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Together, we gain confidence, mind/body balance, discipline and discover our strongest selves.

Students in Self Defense Workshop 2020

Self Defense Workshop 2020

2019 Championship Hawaii


Spring Demonstration


We Win Medals Too!

Our students and Senseis at the Honolulu International tournament in 2019. We train hard to compete with the best and support one another in their journey. 

My son and daughter have been taking karate here for years and it has been great both for their physical development as well as their self-discipline, body control, confidence and focus.
Corina L.
I've been training here for over 17 years. I began out of curiosity and stayed for the challenge. The school spirit can't be beat, the workout is solid, and the skills are top-notch traditional karate.
Joanne F.
7 years later I'm still finding new reasons to continue my training here. Amazing teachers. Supportive environment.  Continual challenges. No attitude  And always, always fun. I couldn't have picked a better school.
Deb S.

Join our community today and discover YOUR strongest self.

Karate is for everyone, at any level. Your training will impact your confidence, discipline and strength in the dojo and in your life. Be part of a community committed to supporting one another and having fun.