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Events at the Feminist Karate Union in Seattle

Students in Self Defense Workshop 2020

Tuesday Night Workshops

This fall and winter, Sensei Judy will be running a series of workshops every Tuesday from 6-8pm, during the regularly scheduled Tuesday evening adult class. Adults of all ranks are welcome and encouraged to attend. Kids should check with Sensei Judy if they are interested.… Read More »Tuesday Night Workshops

Upcoming Black Belt Test

On Saturday, August 27, three FKU first-kyu brown belts will be testing for their shodan-ho (provisional blackbelt) alongside Sensei Judy, who will be testing for her second dan (second degree blackbelt). The test will take place upstairs at FKU, with some folks from our parent… Read More »Upcoming Black Belt Test

Summer BBQ

Come hang out with the FKU Crew on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 2pm. We’re excited to party with you! ‘We’ll be hosted at Sensei Jennifer’s Place on Mercer Island. Check your email for address. Grilling bites and a bevy of beverages will be provided,… Read More »Summer BBQ