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90-Day Challenge

Sensei Judy has designed a 90-day challenge starting Oct 1 for FKU students that is designed to increase strength and flexibility in ways that will directly translate to karate practice. The challenge is to do a specific set of exercises at home every day, or… Read More »90-Day Challenge

Tournaments For All

We want all students at FKU to feel like tournament participation is an option for them. From Sensei Aleeta: Transgender and non-binary students may have concerns about participating in binary gender-segregated tournaments and hence be hesitant to enter competitions. We as a school support their right to compete… Read More »Tournaments For All

Yellow Belt Magazine

Sasha Duttchoudhury and Amy Hirayama, two FKU board members, authored a very cool zine sharing some of their experiences and perspectives about learning karate here at FKU. Pick up a copy at the dojo, or use this link or the QR code below to get… Read More »Yellow Belt Magazine

Spring Demo!

On Saturday, April 1, FKU will hold our first post-pandemic Spring Demo! No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. 😂 What is the Spring Demo, you ask? Think of it as our yearly karate recital. This is the chance for friends and family to… Read More »Spring Demo!

Tournament Participation

Sensei Aleeta took the time to write down her thoughts about tournament participation: At FKU, we consider tournament participation an important part of the training experience. While it is not mandatory for beginners or for very young students, tournament experience is necessary for achieving the… Read More »Tournament Participation

Self-Defense Outreach

As part of FKU’s broader mission to empower people victimized because of their gender, every few months we do a self-defense training session at Angeline’s Day Center in downtown Seattle. Most recently, Sensei Joanne and Senpei Linet spent an hour teaching basic self-defense to the… Read More »Self-Defense Outreach