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Promotion Forms & Fees

Promotion Forms for Download

Open Hand Promotion Fees

Belt Rank Evaluation Kata Fee
10th Kyu-Ho $40
10th Kyu Kihon Kata Ichi $45
9th Kyu Pinan Shodan $50
8th Kyu Pinan Sandan + one intermediate kata $55
7th Kyu Pinan Nidan + one intermediate kata $60
6th Kyu Pinan Yondan + one intermediate kata $70
5th Kyu Pinan Godan + one intermediate kata $80
4th Kyu Pinan Pick-a-kata + one intermediate kata $90
3rd Kyu Two intermediate kata $100
2nd Kyu Two intermediate kata $110
1st Kyu Two intermediate kata $120
1st Dan-Ho $220
1st Dan $400
2nd Dan $800
3rd Dan $2000

Kobudo Promotion Fees

Rank Evaluation Kata Fee
10th Kyu-Ho Bono Kihon Kata $40
10th Kyu Sai No Kihon Kata Ichi + Sai No Kihon Kata Ni $45
9th Kyu Shushi No Kon Sho $50
8th Kyu Sai No Kihon Kata San + Sai No Kihon Kata Yoen $55
7th Kyu Shushi No Kon Dai $60
6th Kyu Rohai No Sai $65
5th Kyu Rohai No Kon $70
4th Kyu Tsuken Shitahaku No Sai $85
3rd Kyu Kai Bo Ten No Kata $90
2nd Kyu Kai Bo Jin No Kata $100
1st Kyu Kai Bo Chi No Kata $170
1st Dan Kobo $330
2nd Dan Chatanyara No Sai $660

Build Strength

Get the strongest mind and body of your life through Karate training.

Gain Confidence

Karate values and knowing you can defend yourself builds confidence.

Learn Discipline

Bring the discipline of Karate into your training and your everyday life.


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