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Training Videos

Basic Blocks and Kicks

Basic blocks

Basic kicks

One-step Sparring

Face punch – Basic

Face punch – Kick counter

Face punch – Takedown

Chest punch – Basic

Chest punch – Kick counter

Chest punch – Takedown

Belt punch – Basic

Belt punch – Kick counter

Belt punch – Takedown

Front kick – Basic

Front kick – Kick counter

Front kick – Takedown

Roundhouse kick – Basic

Roundhouse kick – Kick counter

Roundhouse kick – Takedown

Side kick – Basic

Side kick – Kick counter

Side kick – Takedown

Arm Locks

Arm lock 1

Arm lock 2

Arm lock 3

Arm lock 4

Build Strength

Get the strongest mind and body of your life through Karate training.

Gain Confidence

Karate values and knowing you can defend yourself builds confidence.

Learn Discipline

Bring the discipline of Karate into your training and your everyday life.


Start training today and discover YOUR strongest self!