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2024 Kick-a-thon

The Kick-a-thon is coming! As you know, FKU is a non-profit, and the Kick-a-thon is a Fundraiser. Our awesome Instructors are all volunteers and we try hard to keep our costs low, so donations really help us out. All donations are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 91-0914769.

This year students will be throwing 1024 kicks! There will be front kicks, side kicks, back kicks, roundhouse kicks, double kicks, triple kicks, Lionel Richie kicks, and board-breaking, you can rest assured. We will have the downstairs set up for anyone who wants to watch.

After the kicking comes pizza, and after the pizza comes the Annual Member Meeting. If you are interested in joining the FKU Board, this will be the time to do it. The Board manages the business of the non-profit entity that is FKU.

Date: Saturday, January 27th
Time: 9am – 12pm, followed by pizza and Annual Member Meeting
Place: FKU dojo, 920 S. Holgate St., Seattle, WA 98134

You can donate right here. If you are sponsoring a specific student, please note their name. Otherwise, please include “Annual Kick-a-thon” in the note.