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Upcoming Black Belt Test

On Saturday, August 27, three FKU first-kyu brown belts will be testing for their shodan-ho (provisional blackbelt) alongside Sensei Judy, who will be testing for her second dan (second degree blackbelt).

The test will take place upstairs at FKU, with some folks from our parent dojo in Hawaii dialing in via Zoom. For those interested in seeing the test, we will have a large screen set up downstairs. Stop by to see any part of the test and support your fellow students.

The schedule is as follows:

9am Test begins. All blackbelt instructors will be present.
9–11am Standing basics, front-stance basics, shico basics, moving basics, Kihon katas 1-6, Pinan katas 1-5, Nihanchin katas 1-3
11am–noon Lunch break
noon Sensei George and Sensei Mari dial in from Oahu, Hawaii
noon until done Individual advanced kata, bunkai, three-step sparring, one-step sparring, kumite