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Kids’ Tournament Prep Class

Sensei Judy, who teaches adult tournament and black belt preparation classes, is starting a kid’s class to teach tournament skills. Senpai Linet will assist. Participating in tournaments is a great way to learn, grow, meet new people, and support the dojo. In addition, all black-belt candidates are required to have a tournament record, and it’s better to start competing early!

The class will be offered on a trial basis on Monday evenings, 5-6pm, from February 20th through March 27th. If there’s enough interest and attendance, the class will become a permanent option at FKU.

The new class will cover material not covered in other kid’s classes:

  • Tournament understanding and best practices, including ring etiquette, scoring rules for kata and kumite, and good sportsmanship
  • Kata practice 
  • Kobudo (weapons kata) practice for those who are learning weapons
  • Sparring (kumite) drills
  • Point sparring


  • Students MUST HAVE A WELL-FITTED MOUTHGUARD. These are available online and at most sports stores (e.g., Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.). Note that mouth guard fitting takes a bit of time and must be done before coming to class.
  • Students may borrow a helmet and gloves from the dojo.


  • Tournaments require discipline. As such, students should arrive at class on time and be ready to go.
  • Protective gear is required. Students must bring their mouthguard to every class.
  • Arriving late or forgetting a mouthguard will result in pushups 🙂. Your kid(s) may get very strong if they routinely come late or forget their mouthguards.